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Friday, December 9, 2011


As 2011 rolls away, I realized that I hadn't  posted anything in Restored this year. It's December already, and the year is fast ending. "Where did all the time go?" I ask myself.

A lot happened this year, and firstly I want to thank God for preserving my life and that of every member of my family. I am so grateful as I had my share of 'health scares' this year. However, I made it through, and I'm standing well.

I'm thankful for my husband and children. For their love and support at all times. And for the children not having any major dramas this year. 2012 promises to be a great year as it is milestone year in their journeys. May God see them through.

Thank you Lord for all my cousins and friends who stood by me this year. My ever growing LJC family - old and new. The veterans - Gaf, GB, Babashola, Funlola, Chizube, Bolade - we didn't see very often; but were in each others thoughts constantly.

I am also so grateful for my new family in Wesley Chapel, and the old one in Hoares Memorial. Thank you Lord for them. Being part of your God's household is a good thing. It's good to not only feel loved, but to be loved as well.

Finally, I really thank God for the progress on the Piano Project. Only ten keys sold so far; but I trust God. I'm so out of my depth with this one, that when it gets done, I'll know that it wasn't me; but God.

Thank you for Experience 2011. A magnificent worship experience.

I really had to get that in. So much has happened this year. I've laughed hard and I've cried harder. God took Bassey home this year. That was a very hard one. How can you have a conversation with someone, and in less than forty-eight hours, they're dead? God knows best. Her family are still reeling from the shock. My prayer is that He will be with them, protect them and strengthen them.

To all my mentees, my restored families, be strong, stay strong, stay close to God, focus on Him, please Him, and everything will work out for good. When the going gets tough, He'll carry you, and when there are times to celebrate, remember him. It is well with us all, and we shall live to see in Lord in the land of the living come 2012.

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  1. Hi Mimi,

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog last week, and for the encouraging words.

    I see you don't blog regularly, but this was an awesome post! May we all find endless joy as the New Year unfolds. Shallom! :)