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Friday, January 13, 2012


When we returned to Falomo, Femi Falana came from Ojota and again reiterated that it had gone beyond fuel subsidy; but was about accountability and good governance. He referred to the 2012 budget which has been presented to the house. In the budget feeding allowance for Aso Rock is N3b, which amounts to N3m daily. This means that Aso Rock intend to use N1m for breakfast; N1m for lunch and N1m for dinner.
He also said that Nigeria produces 2.4million barrels daily. At an international price of $113 per barrel, Nigeria therefore earns $271.2m multiplied by N160 Naira, and this is daily from crude, not to mention the income from taxes and other sources. He concluded that Nigeria is not broke; but that mismanagement is our problem.
That's enough talk. Enjoy the photos.
Looking down Ozumba Mbadiwe from
Falomo Bridge. 
In all my years of living in Lagos
I have never walked on Falomo Bridge!

Oyinkan and Ivana - Up Bodyworks!!!
Love the Tshirt - Beaded Coat of Arms

Listening to Femi Falana

Femi Falana speaking - serious mathematics

Met some new friends - occupying together

Loved his Tshirt. Had the National Anthem on the
front and back

The future - watching us.
We mustn't fail them

Check out the sandals!

Yes oh!!!

Sisters occupying!!!

The end of Day 4 - Heading Home.

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